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These videos are not for entertainment. The important thing here is the process. See how a story is told shot by shot. Sometimes it's helpful to turn off the sound. Commercials and show openings are a good source of very compact visual story telling. Do you have video files or links you would like to share here? Contact PRO TV.

Commercial videos take up a tremendous amount of memory on a server. Also, copyright permissions are time consuming or impossible to get. So, rather than recopy all the videos here, links are posted to where the videos are stored on line. Actually, the links point to sites that have video on line. That way, we help promote that site and you will always know who owns the video. Space on this server is available to PRO TV associates to post their own videos.

Special Event

NAB'97 & NAB MultiMedia World (National Association of Broadcasters) April 7-10

Sites with the video players you need.

These sites have the players you need to view video over the net. They all have a page or two of links to sites that use their system of sending video. You can install the latest free player on your machine then get a list of more video than you have time to watch.

VivoActive They make the VivoActive player used to view .avi and .mov video files as they download from the net.

Streamworks Xing Technologies has the best picture but at a slower speed than other players.

Real Player They make a free version and a $30 version. Best known for the Real Audio player.

Netshow A new Win `95 player from Microsoft.

VDO You have to watch their logo for 15 seconds before each video. Small, low quality picture.

Cable and broadcast TV. Stations and programs webcast on the net.

CNN Interactive




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