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There are several ways you can do video production now. Just what you can do depends on many things. Knowledge, tools, time, money, motivation and talent are a few of the ingredients for a successful project. Few of us have all these things. Lots of us have some of these things that we can share or trade with others. Not everyone enjoys all aspects of production. Most people specialize in a few areas and devote their time and energy to that. Usually, there is just too much involved or it is not economical to do it all ourselves.

PRO TV is a central clearinghouse for people of all skill levels to bring together the resources needed to produce quality television programming.

What group do you include yourself in.

Professional    Hobbyist    Student


Television on the internet is still a new frontier. It opens a whole new world of problems and opportunities. Do you have an idea for a project? Maybe a script or a treatment? Maybe you have some equipment or talent. Would you like to collaborate with others on a virtual video project? Interested in helping at the station or becoming a network affiliate?

You are invited to showcase your work and share your experiences with the world. Commercial organizations can also use PRO TV to promote their business. Please Tour the Station to see the layout then contact PRO TV.


Do you have a video on tape or an idea, or tools? We will start by listing resources and addressing needs on a case by case basis.


In time we will add projects for students. Please tell us about your school video projects.

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